Speech therapy is the process of changing patterns of pronunciation through scientifcally proven methods rooted in understanding the anatomy and physiology of the mouth.  


Many people go through speech therapy as children. However, for some, lingering speech sound errors remain long after childhood for troublesome sounds, like L, R, S, Z, and TH. Other adults never had the opportunity to receive speech therapy as children.  


Either way, speech therapy is not just for kids. Adults still have the opportunity to benefit from speech therapy services at GRIFFINSPEECH℠. Highly motivated adults who commit to practicing their targeted speech sounds regularly can change their lives by changing their speech.




It is estimated that up to 7,000 different languages are spoken around the globe. Every language includes a unique set of speech sounds.


Some languages include speech sounds and rhythm patterns that are not used in others.


When we learn a new language, we bring markers of our first language with us. These differences can make it harder for native speakers to understand you and can get in the way of personal and professional opportunities.  


Accent modification services can reduce these markers by 50 percent!  

Start learning how to pronounce American English more accurately today!



Do you miss your old voice? 


Has your voice changed over the years and now it's too quiet, too rough, too breathy, too high-pitched, or too nasal? 


You can change your voice. We can help. 


Ask your Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor (otolaryngologist) for a referral for voice therapy with a certified speech-language pathologist.