Adult Speech Therapy

Have you always had a hard time pronouncing certain sounds? If so, it's likely that words with either R, S, Z, TH, or L sounds have given you the most trouble. These are among the most difficult and most commonly mispronounced sounds in English and yet they are also some of the most frequently occurring in our language.  


If you are an adult that still has trouble with these sounds, you are not alone.  

Even if you have had speech therapy in the past but continued to have difficulty pronuncing words, you don't have to settle for permanent speech sound errors.  


Don't let your speech stand in the way of your career, your social life, or other goals. Speech therapy can be provided in a relaxing environment suited toward highly motivated adults.   



It's never to late to learn how to articulate!

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GRIFFINSPEECH℠ offers speech therapy services delivered by a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist. Autumn Bryant has spent the last 10 years changing pronunciation patterns for motivated teens and adults. Through her systematic approach to treating articulation problems, you'll learn the anatomy of your mouth, the movement patterns necessary to achieve your target sound(s), and the hierarchy of skills needed to progress through therapy.   


All of our speech therapy services begin with a personalized evaluation of your present skills and areas for improvement. This allows us to choose an optimal starting place to foster your success and the best goals to meet your needs.  


Throughout the process, we incorporate practice materials that are relevant to your job, your hobbies, and your interests. Utilizing words that matter most to you makes the therapy process more engaging, more beneficial, and more successful.  


Practice materials can include themes and topics such as work-related terminology, names of colleagues, friends, and family members, sports, video games, celebrities, fashion, shopping, and many of the most frequently used words in the English language!


Personalized Pronunciation Sessions
Our personalized pronunciation sessions are designed for adults with one to five speech sounds that they find difficult to pronounce.
The most common articulation therapy targets for adults include:
L - as in latte and caramel
R - as in roasted and water
S - as in syrup and drinks
Z - as in zest and fizz
TH - as in think and both or those and seethe


Don't worry if you are not sure which sounds are giving you trouble. Our personalized speech assessments are designed to pinpoint which phonemes are problematic for you.  


Each client will receive:

  • An initial assessment

  • A written report

  • Weekly individualized speech therapy sessions

  • E-mail support

  • Lifetime access to our online practice portal 

  • Lifetime access to our client-resource portal with videos and files

  • Journal (for your auditory references)

  • Written progress reports every 3 months


To learn more about our services or to inquire about corporate trainings and workshop options, please contact us.


Autumn Bryant, M.A., CCC-SLP/L

E-mail: autumn@griffinspeech.com

Location: 715 Chicago Avenue, Evanston, IL USA